What is the Clock Project?
The Clock Project comprises three concepts, each of which share the same theme of time, but deal with a different subject matter and, when displayed correctly, are nothing more or less than functional clocks—working timepieces. The concepts are clock faces, angles and street addresses. How it works is, each image represents a particular minute of a particular hour and that one image is displayed at that exact minute.

Clock Faces

Street Addresses


So, What Now?
This page is only intended to serve as an example of the project. The three Clock Project concepts, along with my other conceptual time-related pieces, are intended to be displayed as an installation in a modern/contemporary museum, gallery or creative space. If you can help in this capacity, or if you would like to display any of these in a gallery or other place of business, please contact me.

I would like to thank my loving wife for putting up with this, and for sharing my passion. And thanks to Apple for inspiring creativity through design.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to info@theclockproject.com

Clock Project - Copyright 2012 Dorron Margalit
The 720 Watch - Copywright 2014 Dorron Margalit and Ron Dubren